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Garima Mitra

Hi I want to share something...... Whatever Shagun ji told me to do... I followed and result are like miraculous for me.... I can say... more

Suparna Murpana

Respected Shagun...I wish to thank you Sincerely for this Morning meditation. Your Golden words ... "YOU ARE THE DOER OF YOUR LIFE" Changed my mind... more

Nilesh Pradhan

Thank you Shagun ji for such interesting topic like, to know about our signature, ways of writing, handwriting etc, where and how to draw line's... more

Sarabjeet Kaur

I attended the Mantra Workshop, yes the session was really knowledgeable. We all know what mantras are....but.....there is more to it. The proper technique, use... more

Deepa Ahuja

Hello all. I just attended the workshop on Initiation of Manifestation by Mantras. The title itself is self explanatory. The session was very knowledgeable. I... more

Versha Khanna

The very first thing that, I was too happy to see u it seems that I was meeting u after a very long time... I... more

Suparna Murpana

I Suparna, learnt the Mantra Course from Shagun K Singh on 2nd May and today was the 10th day of my Mantra Practice. I started... more

Dakshayini Bellamkonda

It was a great opportunity given by Shagun ji to attend Mantra Workshop. Today was the 4th day since I started practicing the Mantras and... more

Garima Mitra

Thanx to you Shagun ji for showing us right path and teaching us right technique to chant these mantras that we never knew. It was... more

Asha Zaveri

Want to share something which has given me great experience like I had bad throat don't know why, but today morning I was in your... more

Manju Bhagat

Recently I have joined Empowerment meditation with Shagun K Singh. This is a guided meditation and I must say that Shagun has its own unique... more

Dakshayini Bellamkonda

Since 1st day of our Empowerment meditation I am feeling the vibration which is powerful, positive, and giving me all the inner strength that I was... more

Rhia Jain

Few of her words which I always remember in my tough time, which gives me the ame courage to face and fight with my inner... more

Harleen Kaur

.”My search for my life purpose has ended when I met Shagun mam and decided to go for Life-Between Life therapy. Where I could saw... more

Mallika Ravi Mallika

A Blissful  Relation! The term that connects me with you. I would first like to thank you and appreciate you for the selfless service that... more

Geeta G Thevar

A month ago. There is so much of change in me since then I proudly share my experience of the same. Shagun as a PLR... more


I wish to thank you for counseling which has bought a change in my life in a matter of days. Meditation that you have been... more

Abhishek Shukla

I am writing this message as a gratitude for Shagun ji . As I have been going through a difficult & confusing phase of my... more

Abhishek Shukla

Well due to a personal mishap I had decided to retire from professional life and closed most of my operations. However then Shagun ji came... more


Hi Mam, I joined your group sometime back..did your karma dissolving meditation and found it amazing .. thanks for sharing such amazing tracks... more


After talking to you Shagun, I feel very positive and light and hopeful that I will definitely find ways to fulfill my dream of having... more


Hats off to you Shagun! your commitment and sincerity amazes me.. I'm proud to know you... more


Thanks so much Shagun , You are ULTIMATE! Just now I thought that how much patience to answer all the queries.. Thank you for your... more

Neeta Jajoo

I had a very good experience in learning from Shagun. The session was really very peaceful and effective, I learned a lot in just few... more

Riddhi Shah

The magnified healing workshop was the first ever workshop I attended in the spiritual modalities. As a new comer, I felt slightly anxious in the... more

Alka Choudhary

Learning Magnified Healing was an amazing experience to learn from u and know what magnified healing is. Shagun you have given a jackpot in my... more

Harpreet Bagga

Shagun is a very learned person.  She was very knowledgeable and loves to share her knowledge with multiple examples and live scenarios.  She was also... more

Smriiti S Sethu

Shagun is an excellent teacher. I had lot of doubts before doing the Magnified Healing Class. However each and every doubt was cleared once she... more

Pooja Munot

Shagun is an inspiring teacher. She conveyed in a very simple way with a great depth. Feeling blessed to be part of her workshop in... more

Priti Chipkar

Thank You so much for Magnified Healing Workshop in Mumbai. You have expressed so beautifully the whole method, how to use in our daily life... more


Shagun, I am really very thankful to you for teaching Magnified Healing, as this has made me a complete new person and I am getting... more

Rachna Mongia

Shagun is a pro when it comes to dream interpretation and other healing modalities. She has a lot of patience. Managing hundreds of people, answering... more