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About Us

"All Healing is divine whether it is physical or spiritual"

Shagun Singh is a leading healer and a counsellor. She is a teacher, preacher and a philosopher. Shagun Singh is a qualified Cognitive psychologist and a Counsellor. She strongly believes in spreading awareness around spiritual healing and therefore has pursued this as her career. Shagun feels that being a psychologist gives her a thorough understanding of the individual before she practises healing or any other therapy on them.

Shagun is an avid reader and an early spiritual believer and adapter, since childhood she was intrigued by mystic law, holistic science, mystery of life and such related subjects. Strong passion made her pursue a career and apply these principles in her life.

Shagun is also specialised healer in crystal, spiritual and magnified modalities. She is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and past life therapist. Shagun has also studied the science of numbers and has been successfully practicing numerology for more than 150 clients. The reason Shagun chose healing and therapies in addition to cognitive psychology to bring in light about how and why people succumb to their sufferings, how can one get liberated from existing materialistic life and help people get over their karmic cycle.

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Our Mission

Her mission is to make as many people follow the right path and return HOME. Here we are not referring to the materialistic or the fake world, but the home which is created by god. Humans are god’s creations, we are just consciousness of light,due to our own choices (free-will) and karmic reasons, we are bound to have visits through the form of birth and death. Through spiritual practices one can get liberated and release the negative karma. Spiritual practices not only helps in releasing negativities but also shields us. Spiritual and Divine guidance helps one to live a healthy life. This helps us to raise our vibration and allow us to access the dimension of Love/ Oneness. This is the Home, where we all need to return.


Satvatma was coined with a mission and vision to help people recall their inner soul with the help of healing services and therapies. We at Satvatma work with a commitment for holistic development of people, through our spiritual modalities we strive to bring happiness and peace in one's inner self.

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